About Michelle

Hello.  My name is Michelle.  If you found your way here from another site, welcome! If not, welcome all the same! Let me tell you about my background, which is rather varied.

I’ve been a teacher, tutor, sales staff/trainer, and an active duty member of the United States Coast Guard. Quite a variety, I know! But, like most people these days, I have moved jobs fequently, in part due to graduating college straight into the worst recession the country expereinced since the Great Depression. I hold two undergraduate degrees currently: Bachelor of Arts, History; and Bachelor of Sciece, Economics.

What all these different expereinces have taught me is that I am happiest working in a postion of public service. My time in the Coast Guard also taught me that I enjoy working for the government and helping to enforce federal law. Once my time in the Coast Guard came to a close, I wanted to combine my interests. After a great deal of research, I have decided to pursue a career as a forensic accountant and CFE. My hope is to work for either the FBI or SEC in my home area (the NYC metro area.)

To that end, starting in January 2020, I will be pursuing a third undergraduate degree, this time in accounting. I will be taking general course work, as well as some electives focused on forensic accounting and auditing. I’m excited to be returning to my first school: The College of New Jersey.

As I study, I will write about my experiences. I’ll also resume my series on personal finance from a millenial perspective. Once I graduate and find employment, the site will shift to talking about issues related to my job. I hope you enjoy your visit here and find it informative!